Time Travel & Dreams

Dreams as Time Travel, a Light Look

a light diversion in our quest…

Concurring with a period of change in my life has been the discovery of past episodes of the BBC TV show, Doctor Who, on the cable’s repeat area, where you can watch as many old shows as you like.

Last night I had intended to go to sleep early, on the discovery that one of the late night Svenska mystery shows playing on the international series channel was a repeat.  On that note, I should have gone to be, and instead of writing this would be doing something else.

That would be too simple and too practical.  Having gotten close to the end of Doctor Who Series 6 (the news series, with doctor #11), I thought show #12 tonight, and the last of the series #13, tomorrow.  Simple to have gone to bed after #12?  Not hardly.  There was too much going on, a vast amount of time travel, and by not only the doctor but this ingenious character River Song, and Amy Pond is the mother of a woman older than her, and yes… stop now, major spoiler alert if you are a Whovian and don’t want to know this last bit, really an aside, a minor spoiler.  Amy is the doctor’s mother in law!  But I will not say if the doctor was killed by River, or by Winston Churchill, or by the Cybermen (that surely of the major spoiler variety), yes, all of this and much more in the final two hours.  So of course I watched it all, and went to bed with a head full of time travel and changing relationships, changing ages, life and death, and hardly the most relaxing way to end the evening.  

Getting to the point here, dreams are a way to time travel.  An obvious point perhaps, and one often explored by the psychoanalysts , as well as the psychologists and tarot readers.  (I can imagine the raising of rankles by psychologists on seeing they are lumped in with tarot readers, but I am quite sure there are tarot readers equally incensed!)  This babble is of course directly influenced by the the frantic, hyperactive antics of doctor #11.

For me, last night was a night of very lucid dreams, a busy mind with light sleep, always becoming somewhat awake and finding that looking forward to the future, as well as revisiting the past, can, if one lets it, sooth the mind, allowing time in bed for planning and exploring options for the future, and mending any conflicts from the past.  However, just awake for two hours, I am now very tired, and think this will be a good night not to watch Doctor Who.

What’s this?  Series 7?  The cable people pick this time to start repeat showings of more Doctor Who?   What a world we live in.

(copyright 2013 by Talmage Carawan)