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Dream Dharma, the Music

JUST ADDED! That is on 28 March 2018, the youtube site has been alive and kicking about for the past several months.  Using the stage name of August Jones, I sing and play guitar, recording and gigging as opportunity presents.  Here’s a link to the playlist, enjoy

my youtube site

While the book is in review and the cycle of editing and revising goes on, the creative side emerges and seeking to broaden the appeal and uses of the Dream Dharma method, so I pause, think, where is this going, and have to stop here and promise, NO MORE LONG SENTENCES!

Except that one.  Maybe a couple of more.  No counting please.

Just forget the science for this moment.  Also the silence.  Listen to a songbird, or be one.

Since age 10 when I learned how to play guitar, music has been a great part of my life.

Still play a Guild T-100 Starfire. Its dinged and scratched body with half broken neck and worn out tuners brings forth  a sound that comes only from 50 year old hardwood.  But unlike a single malt scotch, its been used every year.

How do you reach people?  To help them, share with them, learn from them as well?  In Sweden I am hardly fluent, relying on English, both mine and theirs.

Music is the universal language.

What’s the tie of all this to Dream Dharma?  Writing and performing songs bring out the subconscious and unconscious, expressing ideas in a way that words alone can not.

It can be a catharsis that bleeds out the anger and frustration in a heavy metal song.

Or seeking to comfort and console with a love ballad or  blues number.

Resolution.  Revolution… evolution of the mind and soul through physical means-sound, and instruments, particularly one’s own voice.

Gone are the days where musicians can record an album with 1 or 2 hit singles and make enough money to live on from sales of LPs and CDs.   Living wages must be earned by performing live,  the digital songs practically give aways, adverts for the concerts and shows.

Which is how it should be.  How else would we be able to still hear great bands like the Rolling Stones, in person, building community with music?   We go to more shows and concerts now than we buy CDs.  Gets us out of the house, on the road, performer and audience alike.

Rolling Stones Stockholm 14 on Fire, where's Mick?

Rolling Stones Stockholm 14 on Fire, where’s Mick?


OK, you likely know this.  Think, try not so much. Just go.


There's Mick, dancin' in the tongue pit.

There’s Mick

Perhaps we meet in a warm coffeehouse.  Maybe someone has a house to share for an intimate concert, with everyone bringing an instrument and jamming afterwards.  A  barn in spring.  Dancehalls in the summer.  With peaches, and apples in the fall, a Shady Grove…

some great tunes on this one

some great tunes on this one

Sure it’s a dream. And also reality.  In a non dual way, we see them with one mind, the moments always and only in the present,  flowing on.  Hope we meet soon to enjoy the music, share our dreams and the Dharma.

October 2016

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