Some changes in Dream Dharma Publications, 2014 (archival)

Some changes in Dream Dharma Publications

Copyright Talmage Carawan, 2014  (more explanation following post)

New material

(as noted elsewhere, much of the material is unavailable for public viewing at this time, while publisher review and editing is in progress; soon we hope to offer both book and website versions with complete material restored and improved; the goal is to keep the web material available at no cost, and the book both affordable and available in stores.)

1. A cornerstone paper is developed, entitled “Understanding One Thousand Dreams,” which summarizes our method, and addresses the shortfall of pursuing an over-simplistic practice.

2. Corrections and updates throughout the chapters, introducing new photographs, revising some material.

3. Other new material for the rest of this summer includes additions to Freud’s general theory, Jung’s dream analysis, and Jayne’s exploration of consciousness.  Also underway, the analysis of about half of the core material, comprising fifty dreams supporting the cornerstone paper.

4. A small nitpick about posts and papers. While an update to a previous post is certainly preferred, to make a proper announcement it appears an entirely new post is required.  (see #3 from 22 July)

5. “Evolution” is added as a category and to the tag cloud, notably for papers relating to Julian Jaynes and the end of the ice age; however it is a central tenet of life, and so relates to many if not all topics here. 

6. A major revision has been made to Healing Power: Sleep and Dream Yoga, notably adding notes from the dream and sleep retreat at Ligmincha’s Serenity Ridge.  

7. Further clarification on posting, papers and tags.  

7a. As papers, or “pages” are a more structured approach to developing this material, posts will be used only to provide updates on recent changes, improvements, and new writing. 

7b. Comments are not automatically added to webpages, due to the usual issues related to non genuine interest.  I am looking for a better way to present a discussion forum.  I would like to respond to constructive inquiry.

Previous Posting on this subject:

Interesting the way WordPress distinguishes between posts and pages.  Convienent though, as work can take place on papers (or pages or chapters as you prefer), with only rare visitors.  There is less thought of someone watching as you write.  Relaxing, but productivity suffers.

But put that same thing in a post, add a couple of tags, now people have a chance to find out about it, and the pressure to perform is on.  


the tip of the iceberg (or one of my teeth?)*

This post, the latest in a small number, updates those now following to recent changes, and alerts potential new followers that may now discover the papars. 

Once reviewed, edited, rewritten, all will be organized and available both here and published in a traditional book format. All original writing is my own and there are copyrights  and reserved rights in effect. I have made every effort to credit both writing of others, used in brief quotations, and the photographs and other images used.

* regarding the iceberg, have seen this in many websites, unsure of the source but will credit once determined.  Also, If you have a comment, and don’t see it popping up here, send a message directly… there have been some positive comments, for which I think the poster, and I will try to put those up.  At this time, there is a much larger number of posts coming in from Eastern Europe whose intent seems to be selling something completely unrelated to the material here, and at some point I’ll get the spam filter set correctly, but that whole thing is simply a distraction.  Do feel reassured that I am reading and appreciating the content related comments and hope to have them display.

Copyright Talmage Carawan, 2014.  Please respect the rights of all contributors; short quotes are permitted for non profit use, provided credit to the author and this website is given.