Dream Dharma, the Music

While the book is in review and the cycle of editing and revising goes on, the creative side emerges and seeking to broaden the appeal and uses of the Dream Dharma method.

How do you reach people? To help them, share with them, learn from them as well? In Sweden I am hardly fluent, relying on English, both mine and theirs. Music is the universal language.

Writing and performing songs bring out the subconscious and unconscious, expressing ideas in a way that words alone can not. It can be a catharsis that bleeds out the anger and frustration in a heavy metal song.

Or seeking to comfort and console with a love ballad or blues number.

Resolution. Revolution… evolution of the mind

A new production brings together 24 songs, featuring both covers and original material. There is an anti-war suite of 8 songs. Another dozen songs for peace and love, of hope and despair. Some things just for fun. And an experimetal [sic] set of 4… and there’s more…

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