On the unwillingness of publishers to allow MP3 files and the G Mashup (GMu)

Music and Waking Dream Dharma, an experimental section… this is how it started… simply wanting to share a song….

Test song-tried this, converted that, loaded this, couldn’t load that.  OK, experiment is over.  How about some referred pain, as in a rant about audio formats?  If you’re busy, have no imagination or sense of humor, and basically don’t give a shit, cause you already know this or don’t care, move on.  Not essential.  An elective as it were…. or is…maybe could be…. WTF.

Why has “the internet” (i.e. regulatory agencies, google, microsoft,rules, laws, restrictions) made it so difficult to import and publish the most common music file, the .mp3?

Likewise, m4a and other audio files, although more propretary and restrictive than the mp3 format, can be a Royal PITA to load, if they load it all (they usual don’t).

Has “the music industry” taken over “the internet?”  Who gains by this, certainly not the music industry as performers long ago lost the ability to sell recorded music by virtue of the file formats which are widely supported, and easy to load, the video formats such as .mov?

Why are musicians forced into making videos when they simply want a song to be heard?

Part of a bigger picture? Yes.  Everyone and all their things- intersts, friends, songs, photos, are being funneled increasingly in carefully controlled channels, to make it easier to create the G Mashup.

What is the G Mashup?  The GMu.  Just another way to describe the Big Brother method of controlling people.  Creating the Big Brain, the Database Which Knows All.  Sounds paranoid, but it is not.  Better to think of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

I do wish it were a figment of my imagination, in which case I MIGHT BE ABLE TO LOAD A GOD DAMN MP3 FILE SOMEWHERE!  A big Thank You to Lewis Black, who teaches us it’s OK to YELL about SOMETHING REALLY OBVIOUS but everyone is afaid to.  It can even be funny, and I may have to turn to stand up comedy if posting simple audio files continues to be the RPITA that it is.  BUT HOW DO I POST MY GOD DAMN ROUTINES?  WHY DOES EVERYONE HAVE TO MAKE, AND THEN WATCH, A FREAKING MOVIE INSTEAD OF JUST PLAYING AND LISTENING TO A SONG!?  Maybe they can not distinguish between audio and video, like not understanding the difference between the right and left sides of the brain, or more likely not knowing their front from their ass!

Back to the point about the GMu, as an example, Youtube is bought by Google, and where do most people have to go to post their videos, and audios forced to video format when you don’t need to see anything (you’ve seen them, just a photograph, or a series of photographs that suck up your computer’s screen space and video resources, and all you get basically is the music.  Much easier to monitor, channel, screen for key words, and then store forever, one source of audiovisual content. OK, EVERYONE is aware of this, and SIMPLY INHALES AND SWALLOWS IT LIKE SO MUCH horseshit, so I’ll stop there.

I wanted to post something, so I’ve added one of my own photographs, which now I must post carrying the reminder that this is copyright.  Not a bad photo really, and it is completely untouched by any photo editing software.  Wish you could hear my music, perhaps one day, on some site….ps, on revisiting this bit, will add now, that, sadly, have been buckled, crushed, and made to kneel at the GMu alter…. making .mov of my mp3 and aye, posting where all .mov must go. Sigh.

DSC_0135 copy

Image Copyright 2013 by Talmage Carawan Jr. All rights reserved.