What’s New in Dream Dharma Fall 2019-2020

February, 2020, a chapter on Haruki Murakami is started, as well as a post on how to read the material here.  A clarification to tags on posts vs. chapters is made.

Format and distribution work continues, for presentation and availability in a traditional book format.  Photographs being a large part of the online material present additional cost in hard copy publishing; therefore more affordable download and print on demand material is being readied.   A goal is to have a hard copy text in brick and mortar stores, certainly would be nice to stroll down the street and see the book in the old fashioned way.

Most chapters have had the password protection removed; this was in place during review and editing.  Several chapters online here will have much more material added as we go forward with publication.

Keeping with the practice of including a few diversions, I’ve included a page on poetry written previously, much of it during college days but several works from 2006-2012.

Also added to the Music page is a link to some Youtube videos, including some original songs.  That link, should you like to go directly, follows.

Music of August US Jones including original songs by Talmage Carawan

The music page is found at


But of course, whether you like the poetry or the music, they are de facto diversions.  New material directly related to Dream Dharma include the following material now underway.


Dreams and Dharma in the Works of Haruki Murakami

Medicine and Supplements: Effect on Dreams and Sleep


Sleep Science


Understanding Dreams

And of course, significant corrections and clarifications are made as needed.

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