Former News in Dream Dharma

The book issue is in resolution, and the online material can now be restored.  This will be done in phases, starting with the supporting material and ending with the methods.  Please keep in mind that this written material is new, original, and copyright by the author. 

The temptation might be there to lift sections and try to pass off as one’s own material for such purpose as a thesis or other school paper.   Photographs are another issue, and as time permits those not taken by this author will be replaced with original ones, or those properly credited with permissions.  Others go back to where they came from, as a result of online searches.   So still there someplace.  Rather seems the rule today is “if I see something online, it’s mine.” 

In the long run, no matter.  Authors may need to turn to the model employed by musicians, having to perform their works in order to get by.  There’s an exciting scenario, going onstage and acting out sleep and dreams. Perhaps there is a play or film script in there someplace.  On a more practical level, there is the practice of Dream Dharma through a process akin to psychoanalysis, a one on one endeavor, and in group sessions.

As with all attachment, one is best to simply let it go.   Some will pay for the published book, either a physical copy or a download from Amazon and other digital stores.  Most will not.  It’s better to have people learn and benefit from this material than to try and hoard it for personal gain.  If you do quote or summarize reasonable portions of this work, just give me a credit as is customary, citing the author and this site as the source, i.e, Talmage Carawan, Dream Dharma,, copyright 2013-2019 by the author.

Many Thanks, and I hope you enjoy your journey into the world of Dream Dharma.