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The principal information is presented on this website in chapters, found on the main page.  Scroll down, below the header image, to the titles and select chapters to read.  Tags are added to posts like this one to assist in finding the material presented in the chapters.  (Tags can not be added to chapters, only posts.  It should be noted that some of the limitations of this publishing method become apparent only with experience; alternatives are being explored.) 

The pages marked by an asterisk are key chapters:

*Dreams, Mind, Dharma: Building a Positive Mind with Dream Analysis and Sleep Yoga

* Transference and Countertransference

* Healing Power: Sleep and Dream Yoga

* Evolution of Consciousness

* Remember Dreams Using “NIM” and “MALA”

Additional material, including that in preparation and revision:

Haruki Murakami: Deep subconscious

Source Material: Psychoanalysis and Dreams

Supplementary Material- Dream Dharma

Understanding One Thousand Dreams

Mystical Experiments Begin With Observation

Ethology: Toward a Science of Behavior

Evolution and the End of the Ice Age

Space and Time Travel

Source Attribution: Giving Credit, Receiving Merit

Sleep Science: Biochemistry and physiology of the Dreaming Brain

Some of the Dharma

The Tibetan Book of the Dead

Diversion chapters, including poetry and music:

Poetry by T.C. Carawan

the Music of Dream Dharma

Time Travel & Dreams

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