Seeking a Literary Agent

I am seeking a literary agent, to publish my novel “Target Dreams- Biohazard.” This is an exciting spy story of about 115,000 words, focusing on life choices, adventure and romance, and not simply espionage.
The draft is presented here as a password protected chapter, “The Novel of Target Dreams” below the main site photo.  There are some formatting issues when copying in the OpenOffice or Word file. The preferred file can be sent on request.
*UPDATE, A LINK TO DOWNLOAD THE PDF FILE HAS BEEN ADDED; this preserves the original formatting.  If you are a bona fide agent or publisher, please contact me (by adding a comment) to receive the password.
Very short synopsis: A former student in biotechnology has stolen a dangerous toxin from a Georgetown University lab, which her partner plans to sell. To find and stop them, a free lance biotech writer and analyst is recruited into a shadowy world of agents, scientist- spies, professors and students, doing work he intended to leave behind. This is a story of international intrigue, suspense, romance, and passion, set in Washington DC, Stockholm, The Hague, Riga, Warsaw and Madrid. At stake is not only the containment of chemical and biological weapons, but the saving of both love and life. The author depicts the deadly game so well that the reader will feel on the inside. Readers of Haruki Murakami, John le Carré, Len Deighton, Ian McEwan, and Robert Harris will especially enjoy this writing.


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